Rogue Continuum is ready for Launch

By September 26, 2016Uncategorized

We’re really happy to announce that all the launch content in Rogue Continuum is now complete!

With the latest Early Access build on Steam, Rogue Continuum now has its fifth and final chapter, which also contains the final boss of the game. Unlike the other worlds in the game which can be chosen in any order once you unlock them, this level can only be chosen as the final world for your run (since it contains the final boss of the game). We’ve also added in the ending and credits for the game.

As always, we’re extremely grateful for the support you all have shown us. This will be the final early access content update we release on steam, as we will be taking Rogue Continuum out of Early Access next week to launch it as a full game.

Please stay tuned for more announcements here, and on our Steam page.

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